HSA NY Chapter History

The founding of our Society in New York is an ensemble of multiple events that have taken place, all starting with an affinity and love for our homeland, Himara. Throughout history and for a multitude of reasons, Himarriotes have been world travelers and as such a few of them in the last century migrated and settled in New York where they preserved their culture by being members of the Epirotic Society.

Following the fall of the Iron Curtain in Albania in 1990, a significant number of Himarriotes migrated and settled in the New York Metropolitan Area. Our community’s size has further risen since 2010 when Greece was hit with the financial crisis. Naturally, by the hunger to be close to each other and the pride that comes with the history of our homeland, at various times a number of Himarriotes had brought up the idea of establishing our own society. For a number of years this only remained an idea, as to make it work, it would require collaboration and contribution from all of us.

Nonetheless, the rise of our community in New York and the need for a venue to bring us all together, coupled with our love for Himara prompted us to establish our society in New York on May 15th, 2016. We, the founders of our Society in New York believe in unity of all Himariotes from the seven villages as despite any distinctions amongst us, our common culture and history unites us. This is the reason why we chose to be a chapter society under the parent society of Himarrioton Society of America. Our Society in New York will function with a dual purpose: support our community in New York and also contribute where possible to any needs in our homeland. Our value as a community in New York is meaningless if we do not protect our history and the patriotic values passed on to us by our ancestors.