Donations & Fundraising

Donations and any fundraising will go towards:

  1. Funding the society’s activities in the community
  2. Support the Omiros Greek school
  3. Assist if possible with any benevolent initiative to renovate/preserve the historical churches in Himara.


Omiros Greek School

Being that Greek is the native language of most Himariotes, we believe that it is important for all of us to do our part and contribute in the education system of young people in our homeland in their native language. Currently, there is the Greek private school, Omiros (1st Grade to 9th Grade) functioning in Himara, located near the All Saints Church in Palaia Ximara. The basic needs, such as salaries for the teachers for the proper functioning of the school are made possible by the Greek Government. However, any additional needs by the school for any additional school programs, transportation of students from the various villages, extension of school for added capacity are made possible by donations.

In addition, the kids graduating from 9th grade are currently being phased into the Albanian public high school as there is no Greek high school in the area. The kids end up loosing one year to gear them up in the Albanian language school before they are normally admitted in the Albanian high school. As the Albanian government resists opening up any Greek language public schools in Himara, our only option to establish a Greek High School is to have it private by extending the Omiros private school up to 12th Grade. This would be great for our community as it would help preserve our language and help keep our people in Himara.

Other than the construction costs for a building for the high school, the operating costs are quite expensive and any plausible plan for a long term functioning of the school cannot be based only on donations. However, we would like to do our part as a society in New York and help out as much as possible.

Any donations provided to our society to help out the proper functioning of the Greek school will be issued in complete transparency with our members, the school board and the parents’ association. We ask you to please support this cause.



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